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Backtagging: My lifeblood! Though I may drop threads after a month or two, especially if I want to focus on newer threads.
Threadhopping: Go ahead! Ask if it looks like a questionable situation and you'd like to double-check.
Fourthwalling: Talk to me about anything more than casual mentions of stuff most people shouldn't ICly know. Otherwise I am generally okay.
Offensive subjects: I can roll with most things ICly. One subject that's likely to make me twitch if treated poorly is autism, like if it's used as an insult. And I should probably apologise in advance on the off-chance that I accidentally offend someone content-wise. Sensitive subjects likely to come up in his threads are child abuse/neglect, manipulation of many flavors, and consent issues.

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Noiz is a skilled information broker, hacker and otherwise very tech-savvy person. As such, there are lots of things he can and will do in-game that could maybe possibly get him into a shitload of trouble whoops. This page is to help me as his player keep track of everything. Both for the sake of my own memory and for both accountability and transparency reasons. It will include links to mod-confirmed permissions and predicted consequences, both for my reference and the reference of others. (Otherwise I will never remember it all.)

In addition I will use it to keep records of favors he owes, favors others owe him, the items and information he's obtained or sold, and anyone he's mentally designated as either an asset or tool. Some public details may be kept brief or vague for player privacy reasons; Tanagura is a locked game.

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